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News From Block 

Shooting on the block two days in a row. This has never happened to us before and I've had to ask myself some new questions.

First, if someone's kid gets shot while they're playing on that corner, I feel like it's so crazy out here that it becomes my fault! Because how dare I have kids outside playing in the summertime?!?! I knew that neighborhood was "unsafe". Kids that live in places like that should be in homemade bunkers with their cellphones, right? That's what they get for having poor parents!

Second, is it just time to stop trying? Is it time to just pack it up? Have we actually lost the city? Is it more about just trying to not die here than actually trying still have a life here? These two things are very different.

Somebody fired at least 10 shots yesterday while kids were playing and it took police nearly ten minutes to arrive! Isn't that what shotspotter is for?

How did nearly 70 people get shot in Chicago over the weekend and there's all the violence prevention organizations and prevention tech getting funded to keep that very thing from happening?

It's not getting better. It's getting worse. We're gonna ask for speed bumps one more time, and we're gonna use our own money to put up cameras and pink flashing lights to deter shooters by letting them know they're being recorded and KIDS ARE PLAYING HERE!!!

This is not just a last ditch effort for us. It may be the last chance some of the kids in our neighborhood have. I get that it's not big, huge, mega tech or well funded and approved by "crime" experts in a lab, but it's more than anyone else is doing for us now. I pray this can work, because if it doesn't this may be my last summer on the block for one reason or another?

See you on the block,


Week Two At Camp After Camp - Camp

The first Week of  

After Camp - Camp is officially in the books!

Week one blurred_edited.jpg

I call it After Camp - Camp because we start at 4pm, after most kids have gotten out of day camps and before many parents are off work. The idea is to create another layer of safety for neighborhood children.

We got busy getting acquainted with one another this week. We got used to writing our names on colorful stickers, so we all can call each other by name. But, next week those stickers will serve a dual purpose. Kids will select a color that corresponds to the way they feel. Each color will represent an emotion. We will start learning how to identify our emotions and begin learning how to manage each one. This is a main component for children to grasp as we start gun safety awareness classes on Friday.

In the third year of  Science With Educator  Emily Schuttenburg, we're learning about urban foraging and how to reduce the amount of waste we put into our planet.  We purchased a Hinkley and Schmidt water service, so next week we will begin phasing out the use of single bottles of water and provide everyone who hangs out with us on the block a reusable water bottle that we can refill.

Next week, we're looking forward to starting our history of violence conversations, which will be open to all ages. We will be explore conflicts around the world can compare and contrast them with local street conflicts.

We will also be starting yoga and pretty intense art project.

Wish us luck!


And as always we ask that you consider donating to our efforts and then come down and see how we put it to work, and see where you might fit with our mission!

We are out daily from 4pm to 6pm !


See you on the block,



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