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"Those areas should be highly protected, like a school zone, and should include enhanced punishment or sentencing for anyone who dares to fire a weapon or commit any violent crimes in these designated spaces.  These zones will consist of neon Pink signs informing people who enter the space that they are in a safety zone. Each of these zones will also have speed bumps in the streets and alleys. The speed bumps not only make pedestrians safer, they also serve as a deterrent to potential drive-by shooters. 


Enhanced punishments should send a message to potential law-breakers that if anyone commits a crime in this space, they are violating the sanctity of childhood and threatening the lives of peacekeepers and volunteers. This behavior will incur a more serious penalty in order to send a message to would-be shooters.


The Pink Light Zones will be staffed with volunteers from the community. Some of whom may be offered a stipend, depending on their need. The volunteers can potentially work and train with CPD."


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